Pennsylvania Jack


Pennsylvania Jack is first and foremost a storyteller. Many of the tales he tells have been passed down through the generations from our early settlers, especially the Scots-Irish and the Pennsylvania Germans. They are American folk tales, of Pennsylvania and the Applachian mountains, and tales of legends like Davy Crockett, Mike Fink, Til Eulenspiegel, and the hapless "Jack" who journeyed from the highlands of Britain to the new world. Jack specializes in making these stories come to life for audiences of all ages.

But Jack is a writer of stories, too, and on this website you can read some of the original tales he's created. Some are based on his childhood growing up in Pittsburgh in the 1950's. Some are based on other true things that have happened to him, or historical characters and their interesting adventures. And many are just plain fun stories that he made up, for his children or just for himself.

Like friendship, stories are not so good if not shared, so we hope you enjoy this collection of Jack's tales. You can choose from the following categories: